Missing My Old Self 

I haven’t worked out in a little over a year. Not working out started when I noticed my energy was gone and I practically lived off of coffee just to keep my eyes open. I was also dealing with insomnia, headaches, no appetite and depression. After six months of feeling miserable I went to the doctor. 

Come to find out I had hypothyroidism. I was surprised I never thought about my thyroid cause low thyroid runs in my family. 

I was put on medication and started to feel like my old self within a few days. Energy came back, no more headaches, insomnia gone and I was losing weight. The weight loss scared me at first but it slowed down after about two months. 

Sidenote: Before my diagnosis, I was trying to lose weight, maybe 20 pounds. Since taking this medicine I have lost 13 pounds, 8 inches off my waist and 5 off my hips. 

I wanted to work out but stopped myself cause I didn’t want to lose anymore weight. But I miss it. Everyday I have this itch to sweat, wanting to feel that high. But I stop myself out of fear. Fear of losing too much weight. I’m laughing as I write this cause I know fear of losing too much weight is a lousy excuse. 

That’s why I have decided to start doing short workouts (10 to 15 mins). Focusing mainly on strength training and yoga. I’m not a fan of cardio and most days I get plenty from my job/house work.  

Most days I eat 2 big meals. I practice intermittent fasting. I discovered this form of eating after having my daughter and loved it immediately. Most people fast for 16 hours and then eat their normal meals within a 8  hour window, which is what I do. I try to stop eating at around 8-9pm and then I will have my first meal around 11-12. I can share more about IF in a different post if anyone is interested. 

I also want  to eat foods with more fat and protein in them. I don’t track what I eat, but will continue tracking my measurements (not weight) which will help me figure out exactly how much I should eat in a day. 

For now I will be creating my own workouts. I find I get more out of my workouts when I create them myself. When I figure out/finish my first workout after one year of no exercising (I still can’t believe it’s been that long) I will write a blog post. I have a feeling it’s going to hurt and feel so good all at once ♡ 


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